Thailam in Ayurveda: Types, Uses of Ayurvedic Massage Oil

ayurvedic massage oil

What is Thailam?

Ayurvedic massage oils are used in ayurvedic treatments for hair and skin, post, and antenatal care, etc. Ayurvedic massage oil is referred to as Ayurvedic Thailams. They are made using the natural goodness of ayurvedic products. Thailam can be found in various forms to help with different types of health issues. Thailam is best for providing treatment and relief to anyone suffering from problems or pain and is the first and most lasting treatment for any case.

Doshas in Ayurveda

Healing has always been at the foundation of Ayurveda and its centuries-old methods to treat ailments, pains, and other issues using sustainable and natural solutions; Ayurveda plays a huge contribution to the overall health of human beings. The science behind each treatment and medication is linked to the concept of Doshas. What are the Doshas?

All living beings are the result of five primary elements. According to Ayurveda, our bodies are composed of water, fire, earth, air, and space. The balance between those elements determines the health of an individual depends on. These elements combine to create three distinct life energy sources, referred to as the Doshas. A lack of balance in these and an imbalance in mind and the soul can lead to ailments and health issues. They are the primary forces that help keep the mind and body optimally.

Are there three different types of Doshas? The first one is Vata Dosha, the most effective of them all and is the blend that combines Air and Space. The body’s nervous system, as well as body movement, depends on Vata Dosha. It is manifested through the stomach cavity and includes pelvic organs, the colon and thighs, the skin, the ears, and the brain. The central physical functions of the body are dependent on Vata Dosha, so an unbalance or change in it could have serious consequences.

Another Dosha is known as the Pitta Dosha. It is composed of water and fire in the body. It is the main functional function of the body, such as metabolic digestion and metabolism. Because it is associated with fire as an elemental element, an increase in temperature in the body is the process that happens during times when Pitta Dosha is excessively present. It causes discomfort and can manifest in diseases such as Diarrhoea, Stomach inflammation, tension, and anger.

It is composed of the earth as its primary element, along with water will be known as the Kapha Dosha. Similar to water and earth, this Kapha Dosha is responsible for the harmony of the body since it helps keep the body in place. It’s responsible for holding joints and bones in place. This Dosha gives the body stability as well as lubrication and balance. It keeps your mind at ease and active, preventing stress caused by an overdose quantity of Vata Dosha.

Practitioners of Ayurveda will prescribe and recommend treatments based on the condition of these Doshas within the body. Ayurvedic Thailam assists in balancing increased Doshas, specifically Vata dosha. Their range of applications is in harmony with the wide variety of Ayurvedic Thailam products available in Kerala Ayurveda. Every Thailam that is available is suitable to treat a specific problem. Here is a comprehensive list of the various kinds of thailams and their applications based on the issues.

Types and Uses of Thailam

Kumkumadi Thailam

Kumkumadi Thailam is a synonym for gold in skincare due to the positive effects of its application to the skin. It is a one-stop solution for any skin problems that one might encounter. Although this type of thailam is suitable for rough and dry skin types, it can work effectively on all skin types of skin. Made with milk, flowers, and fruit extracts enhanced by the benefits of saffron and sandalwood, it’s both aromatic and efficient. It’s beneficial for treating skin inflammation, acne, and blemishes.ย 

How to use Kumkumadi Tailam?

ย You can take two-three drops and apply the product on your face for a few minutes following a facial cleanse before you go to sleep. Clean it off in the morning.

Nalpamaradi Thailam

Rich in anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antimicrobial qualities, Nalpamaradi Thailam is among the most effective thailams found in Ayurveda used to nourish the skin and improve the texture. It is a part of Ayurveda; Nalpamaradi is known for its soothing properties. It is widely used to heal the skin from infection or fungal conditions. Eczema and scabies are treated with this Thailam. Whatever skin issue it may have, it can provide treatment and give the skin a glowing and radiant appearance.

Karpooradi Thailam

This thailam assists in calming the Vata and assists in the reduction of muscular and joint pain, and also helps to reduce the pain and cramps. It can help in releasing tensions in muscles from stress. It aids in reducing inflammation and swelling in muscles. Karpooradi Thailam can also aid in healing injuries caused by pain or discomfort. Elderly people can massage the oil to alleviate any discomfort numbing their joints. Karpooradi Thailam can be applied for respiratory problems by gently massaging it onto the chest. It can also aid in relieving congestion in the chest and throat.

Dhanwantharam Thailam

A healthy blend comprised of 28 plants, Dhanwantharam Thailam is an incredible energy and energy source. It’s beneficial in treating neurological disorders and rheumatic conditions. It is a powerful herb that can calm the Vata Dosha, protecting nerves. It’s not just that; it’s also one of the most oil remedies for muscular discomfort or body pain, as well as inflammation. Dhanwantharam Thailam is believed to treat post-traumatic and neurological stress by relaxing its effects on the brain. Numbness, cramps, and pain in the muscles caused by Vata issues are eased with this oil. It provides nutrition to stressed muscles and increases blood circulation.

Mahanarayana Thailam

Helping to restore Vata balance, the natural and herbal oil aids in nourishing the health of muscles and the nervous system. Vata Dosha concerns are classified as Neuromuscular conditions in Ayurveda and treated by The Mahanarayana Thailam. The recipe for Thailam is recognized in ancient texts due to its benefits since it nourishes joints and muscles and helps strengthen them. But, these disorders are classified as inflammations, cramps, and swelling in the joint. The thailam combats these and reduces symptoms. The primary ingredient in this thailam Sesame oil is renowned for its strength and elasticity, as it is in the.

Ksheerabala Thailam

With anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, and analgesic properties, Ksheerabala Thailam has an herbal remedy utilized to treat neuromuscular diseases. Conditions such as Arthritis and spondylosis are a source of pain and discomfort. Sciatic neuralgia can be treated by massaging this oil. The thailam is made with milk’s goodness, Bala, and sesame oil. Ksheerabala is a popular choice for panchakarma treatments. It can also treat joint pain, muscle stiffness, facial palsy, osteoporosis-related degenerative conditions, peripheral neuropathy, and muscular atrophy. By performing regular Abhagyam using this oil, you can enjoy long-lasting relief from the conditions caused by the tearing of muscles or nerves.

Sahacharadi Thailam

Sahacharadi Thailam It is an excellent relaxant for muscles that eases muscle, ligaments, and joints that are stressed by the tensions of Vata. It can help reduce muscle swelling and discomfort in the lower back region. The components in this oil are for centuries used to ease chronic rheumatic diseases and disorders. It has been known to strengthen muscle and joint joints. Massage with this oil Kati Basti, a lower-back massage, is beneficial for treating muscle and joint disorders. Sahacharadi oil can also aid in the treatment of neurological disorders such as epilepsy, psychosis, and tremors. The use of this oil during Panchakarma ayurvedic treatments aids in the balance of the Vata. Regular use can help reduce muscle stiffness, and this oil can alleviate joint stiffness.

Eladi Oil

Eladi oil, also known as Eladi Thailam, is among the best remedies for those who suffer from acne-prone sensitive skin types that are oily or combination-type. It is a sesame-oil-based blend that can be used for treating chronic and acute skin conditions like boils and leucoderma. It’s chemical-free and not harsh on the skin, which makes it suitable for those with sensitive skin. It is also beneficial for treating skin pigmentation and clearing acne spots and blemishes from the face, and leaves your skin glowing and radiant. It’s safe and comprises natural ingredients with no chemicals, making it among the safest products you can use on children.

Pinda Thailam

Thanks to the healing properties of the plant Manjishta, which was utilized as a natural remedy to treat the Vatarakta Ayurvedic treatment Pinda Thailam is among the most effective thailams for relieving the joint stiffness that can result in extreme joint pain. Sometimes, joint pain is accompanied by swelling and redness, and pain. Pinda Thailam, made with powerful ayurvedic components that are completely natural, is anti-inflammatory and can alleviate the excess of Vata dosha in joints. For issues such as gout or arthritis, which cause pain daily when you follow an Ayurvedic treatment, this thailam could offer long-term solutions for both acute and chronic disorders. It cools and soothes the location of the pain. It is massaged onto muscles or joints that are aching.

Anu Thailam

Anu Thailam is a kind of nasal drop gateway to its Nasya (nose) and assists with various Vata and Kapha dosha ailments and disorders. It is the most effective ayurvedic treatment for any issue that affects your nasal passage. It is particularly helpful for those suffering from sinusitis. It can also be utilized as a treatment for cough and rhinitis.