Message from Clients

I was at my wits end with my concern over my wife’s deterring health. I had read about Ayurvedic principles and way of life. On the 19th November 2016 we meet with Dr Ram Mani Bhandari at his clinic. As a result of my wife’s protocol treatments her health improved astronomical, he gave me back the woman I married, she was so happy and absoulte pleasure to be around.She changed he attitude to health and life. Words cannot thank Dr Ram enough, he has given us a second chance, please accept my heartfelt thanks, Namaste! As our practitioner I was impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and friendly nature.

I’m of the firm belief there was divine intervention from above that lead us to Dr Ram, together with my practicing philosophy of Doubt has no Cure. We need to listen to out rhythm with in, it’s telling us we are hungry and need to sleep, failure to listen to this pulse will result in unbalance and we will become sick.

TerryMob- 0409381744
Before meeting Dr Ram my physical and emotional health was deteriorating to the point of becoming seriously ill. Under the care and guidance of Dr Ram and Ayurveda prescriptions of herbs and Ayurveda treatments my health improved and I was feeling better and stronger both physically and emotionally. Thank you Dr Ram and Ayurveda.

As my health continued to improve my family witnessed wellness returning and they also visited Dr Ram for consultation and treatments. Myself and my family have regained wellness and a deep love for Ayurveda.

With a new found love for Ayurveda and a greater sense of wellness I decided to expand my knowledge of Ayurveda and attended trainings and workshops facilitated by Dr Ram and have thoroughly enjoyed Dr Ram’s expert knowledge and presentation of Ayurveda.

I have learned so much about health and wellness the ayurvedic way.

Thank you Dr Ram and Ayurveda.

Leeann KimmYoga Teacher
After feeling unwell for many years, my husband encouraged me to make an appointment with Dr Ram Mani Bhandari. After my consultation I knew he was telling me exactly how I was feeling. I was given a protocol to follow, diet, nutrition, medication, massage and exercises, to achieve harmony of body, mind and sprit, to balance and put everything back into sink. My treatment began with detoxification program (panchakarma) and therapeutic massage and herbal remedies. Over a week I continued to have daily massage and herbal remedies, I was feeling a vast improvement with my digestion, I was less stressed and depressed, and felt less bloated and my weight was falling, best of all I felt less hungry. I can personally recommend Doctor Ram to administer the Ayurvedic therapeutic treatment.
Maria HatchTamworth/NSW