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Hot OIl dripping on forehead therapy

What is Shirodhara?

Shirodhara is a unique ayurvedic therapy which is deeply relaxing, stress-relieving and induces a state of meditative calm. Its purification and rejuvenation effects are profoundly nourishing and restorative to the nervous system and mind.

Shirodhara involves pouring a steady stream of warm liquid over your forehead. The liquid is selected based on your dosha constitution (Vata/Pitta/Kapha) and your health needs. The liquid can be oil-based (Tailadhara), milk-based (Ksheeradhara), buttermilk-based (Takradhara) (buttermilk) or herbal decoctions (Kashayadhara). The most commonly used liquids are herb-infused oils.

Service Cost
$ 120-220

Can be mixed with other therapies

  • $120 60 min Shirodhara
  • $130 60 min Shirodhara + Steam Bath
  • $160 Massage + Shirodhara (90 min)
  • $200 Massage + Shirodhara (2 hr)

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Please Note:

Ayurvedic therapies such as Shirodhara, must be done under expert guidance. Please consult your doctor for a treatment plan, tailor -made to your body constitution and Dosha imbalance. This will ensure hassle-free treatment and will enrich your Ayurveda experience.

A continuous flow of liquid is poured over the centre of your forehead, where the 3rd eye (ajna chakra) is located, for 30-45 minutes. At first, the flow in an oscillating motion which directs the liquid over several energy points on the forehead. At the end of the treatment, the flow is directed onto a single point on the centre of the forehead.

Ajna chakra lies within the central subtle energy channel known as Sushumna Nadi. It controls the functioning of the other chakras of the energy body. Shirodhara helps to correct any imbalance in ajna chakra, which if left unaddressed can lead to dysfunction in the body and mind.

The liquid flow treatment is immediately followed by an oil head massage which includes stimulating specific energy points (marma) on the head and face to further balance the senses. This includes a gentle scalp and face massage and sound therapy with singing bowls

How Shirodhara benefits you:


Shirodhara works to soothe the mind and relax the body.

The uninterrupted flow of warm liquid falling onto the centre of the forehead, causes a tactile stimulation of ajna charkra, drawing your senses inward and bringing about a deep feeling of inner calm.

The flow of warm liquid stimulates the nerves and local blood vessels, and improves blood circulation.By directly targeting specific energy points affecting the nervous system, Shirodhara brings about neurophysiological harmony, so you experience  a tranquil state of mental peace, sharpened focus, and freedom from sensory overload after the treatment session. It also is beneficial for hair and scalp health.

Shirodhara is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘shira’ meaning head and ‘dhara’ meaning flow. Shirodhara is one among four main methods of head oil application (Murdhni Taila) used in Ayurveda. The other head oil application methods are Shiro Abhyanga, Shiro Pichu and Shiro Basti. 

Benefits for you:

While Shirodhara is recommended as a general therapy suitable for anyone, it is also prescribed if you have any of the following concerns:

What to expect from Sunshine Ayurveda’s Shirodhara treatment

Your Shirodhara treatment will begin with an ayurvedic head massage with medicated oil while you are seated. Then you will lie down on a massage table with the Shirodhara apparatus setup above your head. Your face will be massaged with Kumkumadi Tailam and your eyes covered with cotton pads dipped in refreshing rose water. While you are lying comfortably, your feet will be massaged with medicated oil and treated with a Kansa wand. And only then will one of our practiced therapists start the Shirodhara treatment.

The therapist will release the warm liquid from a set height, and swing the apparatus to create a soothing oscillating flow across your forehead. The liquid will be allowed to stream from the forehead over your scalp and through your hair. The Shirodhara pot will then be moved so the liquid flows along your hairline while healing sounds are played in the background to deepen the experience. At the end of the treatment, the excess liquid is wiped off.

What you need to do after your Shirodhara treatment

  • Leave the liquid on for at least 1-3 hour before you shower
  • Eat a light meal after your treatment
  • Drink plenty of warm water or herbal tea
  • Try to avoid stimulants including caffeine which may counteract the benefits of your treatment.

As this treatment involves the use of oil, we recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting oil on until you can shower.

Combining Shirodhara with other health and beauty therapies

Shirodhara can be combined with other therapies including Abhyanga. (full body ayurvedic oil massage). At Sunshine Ayurveda, we offer a range of health and beauty packages which include Shirodhara. For a nourishing, healing or self-pampering experience try out our Blissful Package.

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