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Kasti Vasti

Lower Back Therapy

What is Kati Vasti?

Kati Vasti is a localised therapy used in Ayurveda to treat pain and disease affecting the muscles, tissues, joints and spinal vertebrae in the lower back region. It is a gentle treatment suitable for anyone who wants to maintain or improve lower back health.

“Kati” means lower back and “Vasti” denotes a compartment or container. Kati Vasti is one of several Vasti treatments offered at Sunshine Ayurveda. 

In Kati Vasti, a pool of warm medicated dosha-specific oil is kept in contact with the skin of your lower-back region. The oil is held in place by a ring-shaped hardened dough formation made from special black gram flour.

kati vasti at sunshine ayurveda


Service Cost
60 min Kati Vasti + 20 min Steam bath
$145 80 min

Can be mixed with other therapies

Please Note:

Ayurvedic therapies such as Kati Vasti, must be done under expert guidance. Please consult your doctor for a treatment plan, tailor -made to your body constitution and Dosha Imbalance. This will ensure hassle-free treatment and will enrich your Ayurveda experience.

Why Kati Vasti is Best?


This regenerative therapy has healing effects on all structures of your lumbo-sacral region. Its benefits are many and include:

Benefits for you:

Kati Vasti is also included as part of a therapeutic treatment program to address specific conditions such as: 

The Process on the Spot

A ring-shaped dough formation made from a black gram is placed on the affected part of your lower back. This ring forms a receptacle to hold the oil in place.  A medicated oil tailored to your health needs and dosha constitution (Vata/Pitta/Kapha) is warmed and slowly poured onto your skin in the centre of the ring. The warm oil is allowed to penetrate deeply into the tissues, lubricating and softening the contracted muscles. The oil is repeatedly replaced throughout the specified duration of the treatment to ensure only warm oil stays in contact with your skin, maintaining a uniform temperature. At the end of the treatment, the excess oil is drained off, and a light massage is given to the lower back and surrounding areas by one of our experienced therapists.

Kati Vasti can be followed by a medicated steam therapy (Nadi Sweda) or whole body steam in a wooden chamber (Sarvanga Swedana).

You may find Kati Vasti also referred to as Kati Basti (pronounced Kah-tee Bus-tee) when translated into English. If the treatment is extended to the mid and upper spine, it is referred to as Prushtha Vasti.

Other types of Vasti offered at Sunshine Ayurveda

Vasti treatments can be performed on other parts of the body. All Vasti treatments are tailored to suit your individual health and well-being needs by our experienced Ayurvedic Doctor or therapists.

Griva Vasti

Griva Vasti is a soothing, gentle treatment for general neck, shoulders and upper back health. It relieves pain, inflammation, stiffness and tension in the cervical, mid and upper regions of your spine. It is also used therapeutically to treat diseases and disorders in these regions. 

In Sanskrit, ‘Griva’ means neck. The ring-shaped dough formation is placed on your neck, and the warm herbalised oil poured into it. The procedure is similar to that of Kati Vasti.

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