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Janu Vast

Knee therapy

What is Janu Vasti?

Janu Vasti is an ayurvedic therapy where the Janu (knee) is subjected to a therapy called Vasti (warm medicated oil placed over the knee joint). Vasti denotes “a compartment that holds” (in this case a pool of medicated oil).

Janu Vasti is a localized procedure to treat diseases of the knee joint. As an important weight-bearing joint, the knees are prone to a number of disorders. In this therapy, warm, medicated, Dosha-specific oil is kept in contact with the skin of the knee joint, for a particular amount of time, using a ‘well’ made of a special black gram dough. This rejuvenating therapy has an extremely soothing and healing effect on the skin, muscles, joints, bones, and underlying structures of the knee joint. It is an effective therapy to treat knee disorders. Your doctor will assess the disease condition and choose an herbal oil specific to your disease and Dosha imbalance.

Service Cost
$ 75-150

Can be mixed with other therapies

  • $75 For 30 mins (One Knee)
  • $90 For 60 mins (Both Knees)
  • $150 Knee Vasti (30 min) + Abhayanga

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Please Note:

Ayurvedic therapies such as Janu Vasti, must be done under expert guidance. Please consult your doctor for a treatment plan, tailor-made to your body constitution and Dosha imbalance. This will ensure hassle-free treatment and will enrich your Ayurveda experience.

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The Process on the Spot

The patient is asked to lie down on the treatment table. A well or frame-ring is made from black gram dough, surrounding the affected area, forming a circle over the knee joint. This ensures that the oil is held in place and does not leak. Prescribed according to the diseases condition, medicated oil or herbal ghee (clarified butter) is warmed and slowly poured into this well. As the pool of oil cools it is replaced with warm oil throughout the procedure, to maintain a uniform temperature. This process is continued for a specific time. Following this, the excess oil is removed and local Abhyanga is given to the region and surrounding areas. This procedure may be followed with Swedana such as Nadi Sweda (medicated steam therapy), Pinda Sweda, etc.

Duration and Cost



Duration: 30 to 90 minutes

Combination Therapies:Depending on the disease condition Janu Vasti may be combined with Abhyanga, Swedana, ShastikaShali Pinda Sweda, Pinda Sweda, Vasti, Pizhichil. etc.

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