Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage)

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Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage)

What is Abhyanga?

Abhyanga is a Sanskrit word composed of “Abhi” and “Anga” which means to induce specific and special movements on the body.


Abhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic oil massage therapy, involving a technique of applying warm, herb-infused oil all over the body through a gentle massage. It is one of the most relaxing and invigorating procedures used. Abhyanga is often used as a Purvakarma (pre-procedure) to other major Panchakarma procedures. However it may be prescribed as a standalone therapy too. Various oils are used as selected by the Ayurvedic Doctor according to varying body constitutions.

Through Abhyanga, the essence of the herbal oil is absorbed into the deepest tissues, beginning with the skin, infusing the medicinal effect of the herbs into the body. These effects rejuvenate and heal the body for a long time, even after the therapy is over.

Synonyms: Snehana, Abhyanjana

Why is it Best?

All healthy individuals are benefited by Abhyanga. In fact it is said to be a part of the daily Ayurveda regimen for good health (Dinacharya).

It is prescribed in almost all conditions, such as:

  • Skin disorders,
  • Insomnia / disturbed sleep,
  • Bone and joint disorders, aches and pains, frozen shoulder, spondylitis and similar conditions, arthritis, osteoporosis,
  • Premature ageing, wrinkling and graying of hair,
  • Headache, stress and psychological imbalances,
  • Digestive issues, metabolic/endocrine disorders,
  • Before major Panchakarma,
  • Gynecological problems, menstrual imbalances, etc.
Benefits for You:
The experience of Abhyanga elicits a blissful sensation, leaving you feeling more tranquil than ever before.

    • Abhyanga is excellent for skin health and strengthens the bones, muscles, joints and underlying structures.
    • It improves blood circulation, reduces stress and improves sleep.
    • Long term Abhyanga has an anti-ageing effect and prevents premature wrinkles and greying of hair.
    • It prevents dark spots, pigmentation, dry skin, and cracked feet, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple.
    • Abhyanga with soothing pitta alleviating oils is quite effective in sunburn.
    • Special medicated oils are utilized in specific disease conditions.

The Process on the Spot

Abhyanga involves applying warm Dosha-specific oil over the body, followed by a massage using special techniques and strokes by well-trained therapists. The techniques of massage employed, are unique and may be determined according to the body part, position of underlying muscles and the patient’s condition.

Abhyanga can be done over the whole body (Sarvanga Abhyanga) or focused on one aspect, for example: Padabhyanga (foot oil massage), Shirobhyanga (head oil massage), etc. Your doctor will prescribe what is most apt for you. You will be prescribed a particular oil depending on your condition. Specific herbs are infused into the oil and are used to treat specific diseases.


Duration: 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Combination Therapies: Abhyanga is very versatile. It is combined with several other Panchakarma therapies. It can be followed by various types of Swedana (sudation) such as Bashpa Sweda, Pinda Sweda, Pottali Sweda, Kizhi or other therapies like Shirodhara, Udvartana, etc.

Our Price

30 Min Massage


Steam Therapy is extra $20

60 Min Massage

Steam Therapy is extra $20

90 Min Massage

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120 Min Massage

Steam Therapy is $20 extra.

You can add Steam therapy (20 min) for additional $20. Please let us know while booking.

Please note: Ayurvedic therapies such as Abhyanga, must be done under expert guidance. Please consult your doctor for a treatment plan, tailor-made to your body constitution and Dosha Imbalance. This will ensure hassle-free treatment and will give you a wholesome Ayurveda experience.