Ayurvedic Consultation


Ayurvedic Consultation

What is Ayurvedic Consultation?

An Ayurvedic consultation is your first step to a holistic approach to good or better health.The initial consultation with Dr. Ram Mani Bhandari aims to provide an efficient health assessment with recommendations for beneficial treatment programs.

If you are already enjoying good health, an Ayurvedic consultation will teach you how to personalise your diet and your lifestyle, how to use herbs, and how to follow routines and treatments that enhance your personal mind-body constitution.

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What to expect?

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On your arrival for the first consultation, you will require to fill a patient record form with your details, including the reasons of your visit and your health concerns (if any). There are two concepts of diagnosis in Ayurveda, namely, diagnosis of disease and diagnosis of person. We use the following assessment techniques in the diagnosis process:


Your eyes give information about your doshas, as well as your liver, gall bladder, brain functions, oxygen level in your body, and the state of toxins in your system. Your eyes are checked for colour, movement, shine, shape and moisture.


Fingernail health often indicates an imbalance of the doshas, namely, Vata, Kapha, and Pitta. We check the shape, size, colour, marks and ridges on your fingernails to read your health.


Pulse examination is done by placing the index, middle, and ring fingers at the root of the thumb of the subject.ย  Pulse diagnosis serves to assess the amplitude, temperature, movements and strength of your pulse. This gives the complete information of your dosha, heart function, endocrine system, and cell functions.


The tongue reflects the condition of all the organs and their functions. It is like the mirror to internal health. Tongue assessment is done to check its shape, coating, colour, texture and thickness. This gives information about your internal organs, such as inflammation, elimination functions, and metabolism. The level and types of coating reflect the presence of Ama (toxins).

Ayurvedic Consultation Questionaire

An Ayurvedic doctor will generally ask you a number of questions to ascertain your personal needs and the prime causes of imbalance. These relate to the following:

  • Your personal diet, eating habits, lifestyle, and daily routines;
  • Relationship status, your hobbies and interests;
  • Your date of birth and birth sign which are looked up in Vedic astrology.
  • Family and travel history;
  • Past medical history and treatment plans;
  • Menstrual history, contraception, and pregnancies (if applicable).

Information and advice that you will be given include

  • Your Prakriti (mind-body constitution/body type);
  • Your Vikiriti (current status of dosha and doshic imbalance);
  • Tailored personalized diet, lifestyle and exercise program;
  • Customized detox program/Panchakarma if necessary;
  • Ayurveda recipes;
  • Proposed treatments and therapies;
  • Advice on the combination of herbs and formulation to enhance your current health and remedy any imbalances.

Benefits of an Ayurvedic Consultation?

  • Be advised if you need referral to see your GP for other examination.
  • Overall assessment of your health; physical, mental, physiological, social and spriritual.
  • Understand food as the first medicine and choose the right food, lifestyle according to your doshas.
  • Receive personalised detox program and therapy plan.
  • Deepens the importance of digestive health and status of your Agni.

Follow Up Consultation

Depending on your health concerns and their complexity, a short follow up consultation is recommened 2-4 weeks after your first visit, when tongue, pulse and other assessments are repeated.

It is important to remember that as the seasons change, our lifestyle changes, and as we age there are always things we can do to improve our overall health, immunity system and state of mind. The follow up consultation is designed to review your progress and to further advise you on your personal program and combination of herbs that you may need to achieve ultimate good health.

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