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Product Details

Vata Shampoo Maharishi Ayurveda


– Maharishi Ayurveda Vata Shampoo: Your path to hair and scalp harmony.
– Crafted for Vata dosha individuals to balance dryness and roughness.
– Enriched with Ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Shikakai, and Bhringraj for nourishment and strength.
– Promotes healthy hair growth and reduces breakage.
– Calming herbal aroma provides a serene and grounding experience.
– Sulfate-free and suitable for all hair types, even sensitive scalps.
– Elevate your hair care routine with the wisdom of Ayurveda.
– Experience lustrous, resilient, and balanced hair.


Introducing the Vata Shampoo by Maharishi Ayurveda, a luxurious and nurturing hair care product designed to bring balance and vitality to your hair and scalp.

Derived from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, this shampoo is expertly crafted to cater specifically to the unique needs of Vata dosha individuals. Vata dosha is characterized by qualities of dryness, roughness, and a tendency towards imbalance. This gentle and hydrating shampoo works harmoniously to address these characteristics, leaving your hair feeling soft, manageable, and rejuvenated.

Our formula is enriched with a blend of traditional Ayurvedic herbs and botanicals, including Amla, Shikakai, and Bhringraj, known for their nourishing and strengthening properties. These natural ingredients help promote healthy hair growth, reduce breakage, and improve overall hair texture.

What sets our Vata Shampoo apart is its ability to soothe and balance not only your hair but also your mind. The calming aroma of Ayurvedic herbs provides a serene and grounding experience during your daily hair care ritual.

Free from harsh chemicals and sulfates, Maharishi Ayurveda’s Vata Shampoo is suitable for all hair types, including sensitive scalps. Elevate your hair care routine with the wisdom of Ayurveda and experience the transformation of your hair, leaving it lustrous, resilient, and in perfect harmony with your inner balance.