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Pure Copper Water Bottle 1lt with hanger (Hammered)


  • Pure Copper Water Bottle, made of pure Copper – No impurities, none lead.
  • 100 % recyclable after their use.
  • Hand-made by hand-crafted artisans
  • Doesn’t have A Non-Synthetic Chemical Toxic Paint
  • 1 litre water capacity.
  • Paper-box packaging is recyclable and reusable
  • 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging.
  • Perfect gift for your loved ones.



Material:- Copper
LONG LASTING & LEAK PROOF: New and Improved Cap is made to be screwed on and is provided with a silicone washer to give you a long and leak-proof use. It is watertight with a seal that keeps the water out even when the bottle is upside


Water stored overnight in Copper Bottle has Ayurvedic Health Benefits, Helps In Preventing Heart Diseases and Maintaining Cardiovascular Health, Helps Preventing Cancer, Regulates the working of the thyroid glands, Prevents water-borne diseases, Aids weight loss, Helps in regulating Women’s Healthy menstrual periods

Cleaning Instruction:- Please clean the inside of the bottle with lemon and hot water.

No other chemical needs to be used and From the outside, it can be cleaned with normal dishwashing liquid with a soft cloth to prevent scratches



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