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Product Details

Organic Asafoetida Powder 100gm


– Perfect for Ayurvedic kitchens
– 100gm size for ample supply
– Pure asafoetida sourced from organic farms
– Gluten-free for dietary restrictions
– Enhances flavor with its robust taste
– Offers potential health benefits
– Versatile in various culinary applications


– Ayurvedic perfection: Enhance your dishes with our Organic Asafoetida, ideal for authentic Ayurvedic cooking.
– Ample supply: Enjoy the convenience of our 100gm packaging, providing you with a generous amount of pure and flavorful asafoetida.
– Pure and authentic: Sourced from trusted organic farms, our asafoetida is free from harmful additives, ensuring a pure and genuine product.
– Gluten-free goodness: Catering to dietary restrictions, our asafoetida is gluten-free, suitable for those with gluten sensitivities.
– Flavor enhancement: Elevate your recipes with the robust, onion-like taste of our Organic Asafoetida, adding depth and complexity.
– Health benefits included: Discover potential digestive aid properties and other health benefits in our asafoetida beyond its culinary uses.
– Versatile in any kitchen: Embrace the versatility of our asafoetida in both Ayurvedic and non-Ayurvedic recipes, expanding your culinary horizons.