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Disposable Enema Bag

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– Disposable Enema Bag for convenient and hygienic at-home enema administration.
– User-friendly design with pre-attached nozzle and clamp for easy control of liquid flow.
– Made from medical-grade materials that are safe, non-toxic, and latex and BPA-free.
– Generous capacity for sufficient liquid retention during the enema process.
– Designed to hang conveniently from a hook or showerhead for easy use.
– Clear markings on the bag for accurate measurement of liquid volume.
– Hygienic option for individuals preferring single-use products or requiring strict infection control.
– Easy disposal after use, eliminating the need for cleaning and sterilizing reusable equipment.
– Suitable for home use, travel, and healthcare professionals or practitioners.
– Promotes colon health, relieves constipation, and supports overall digestive wellness.


Introducing the Disposable Enema Bag, a convenient and hygienic solution for at-home enema administration. This disposable bag is designed to facilitate comfortable and effective cleansing of the colon, offering relief from constipation, detoxification, and overall digestive wellness.

The Disposable Enema Bag features a user-friendly design, making it easy to fill, use, and dispose of after each session. It comes with a pre-attached nozzle and a clamp for easy control of the liquid flow. The bag is made from medical-grade materials that are safe, non-toxic, and free from latex and BPA.

With a generous capacity, the bag allows for sufficient liquid retention during the enema process. It is designed to hang conveniently from a hook or showerhead for easy use. The clear markings on the bag help in accurately measuring the liquid volume for a precise and effective cleanse.

Disposable enema bags offer a hygienic option for individuals who prefer single-use products or need to practice strict infection control protocols. After use, simply discard the bag, reducing the hassle of cleaning and sterilizing reusable enema equipment.

Whether you are new to enemas or an experienced user, the Disposable Enema Bag provides a practical and cost-effective solution for maintaining colon health and promoting overall well-being. It is suitable for home use, travel, or as a convenient option for healthcare professionals and practitioners.

Please note that it is important to follow proper instructions and consult a healthcare professional or enema expert before using any enema equipment or performing enema procedures.

Enhance your digestive health and enjoy the convenience of the Disposable Enema Bag for effective and hassle-free enema administration.

1000 ml Disposable Enema Bag

Now you can take your enema kit to go easily and inexpensively
This handy enema bag is perfect to take in your travels or anytime you are away from home but wish to continue your enema routine
Extremely light can be easily stored even in your purse or briefcase
Smooth and easy to insert silicone tube
Sturdy stopper makes the flow of liquid easy to control