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Category: Copper Products

Copper Water Bottle Mandala Print (1 Ltr)


  • Premium quality copper water bottle
  • Capacity – 1 Litre
  • Handcrafted by artisan in India
  • Made of pure high grade food-safe copper
  • Leak proof, and jointless design
  • 100% heavy metal free, rust free, BPA Free, toxins free
  • A durability of lifetime- eco friendly
  • Lotus Print Design
  • Tube Gift box pack- Perfect gift for your loved ones.



Our Copper Bottle is designed and manufactured to be the ideal size for daily use.
This lovely Copper Bottle blends elegance with magnificent design, making it the ideal companion for Yoga, Pilates, Work, and Home.

Why is copper used?

Copper, like iron, is an essential trace mineral required for living as well as several health-promoting characteristics. It is found in all bodily tissues and aids in the formation of red blood cells, iron absorption, nerve cell maintenance, and immune system stimulation.
Storing drinking water in a copper container at room temperature provides various health benefits.

Stay hydrated in style – Where life and style collide

Copper bottles are handcrafted by expert artists, making each one a one-of-a-kind work of art with an authentic look and feel.  Plain, engraved, hammered, diamond, full-wrap prints, and other designs are available for copper bottles. The bottle is not polished, lacquered, or otherwise treated. Nothing but pure copper.