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Copper Water Bottle Embossed with Hanger 950ml


– Introducing the Copper Water Bottle Embossed with Hanger
– 950 ml capacity for all-day hydration
– Crafted with high-quality copper for exceptional health benefits
– Intricate embossed design adds a unique and artistic touch
– Convenient hanger for easy carrying or attaching to your bag
– Leak-proof design ensures worry-free transportation
– Wide mouth opening for easy filling, cleaning, and drinking
– Enjoy the antimicrobial properties of copper for clean and safe drinking water
– Hand wash with mild detergent to maintain the quality and shine of the copper
– Elevate your hydration experience with this stylish and functional copper water bottle


Copper Water Bottle Embossed with Hanger 950ml: A Holistic Hydration Solution

Ayurveda suggests a simple and effective way to enhance your water intake—drinking from a pure copper vessel. This practice is rooted in holistic health benefits.

Using Your Copper Bottle

To create copper-infused water, fill your copper bottle and let it sit overnight. This process allows the copper to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses, enriching the water with beneficial properties. Drink this charged water first thing in the morning for optimal health benefits.

Tips for Optimal Use:

  • Room Temperature Water: Always drink the water at room temperature. Do not refrigerate the copper bottle.
  • Natural Patina: Expect your copper bottle to darken over time due to natural oxidation.
  • Antibacterial Properties: Copper is more effective than stainless steel or aluminum in eliminating harmful bacteria, even with just three hours of storage.

Care Instructions

Initial Use:

  1. Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse your new copper bottle with warm water.
  2. First Fill: Fill the bottle with water and let it sit for 6-8 hours. Discard this water to cleanse any residue from the manufacturing process and activate the copper ions.

Regular Maintenance:

  • Frequent Washing: Clean your bottle regularly with warm water. Its natural antibacterial properties mean you don’t need harsh chemicals.
  • Vinegar Rinse: Use a few drops of vinegar with warm water for a gentle clean.
  • Lemon and Salt Scrub: For stubborn tarnish, cut a lemon in half, sprinkle salt on the cut side, and gently scrub the bottle. Rinse and dry thoroughly.


  • No Refrigeration or Microwaving: Avoid storing the bottle in the fridge or using it in a microwave.
  • Avoid Boiling Water: Do not wash or fill the bottle with boiling water.
  • Character and Patina: Over time, your bottle will develop a unique patina. Regular care can help manage its natural aging process.
  • Stick to Water: Only store water in your copper bottle. Avoid adding carbonated drinks, fruit juices, or peels to maintain the bottle’s integrity and health benefits.

This bottle is perfect for gifting, offering a blend of tradition, health benefits, and aesthetic appeal.