Pure Copper Tongue Cleaner

Pure Copper Tongue Cleaner



  • 100% Copper
  • Naturally antimicrobial against bacteria that causes bad breath
  • Improves overall dental hygiene
  • Boosts enzymes essential for health dental microbes


A Tongue Cleaner has been used traditional and yogic practice for oral hygiene and care. It is made of Copper (preferably!) specially designed to remove the maximum oral waste matter and mucous from the tiny grooves on the tongue surface by gently gliding it over the surface.

A Tongue Cleaner should be designed keeping Flexibility through bending in mind.  Generally higher the bend or flexibility, so better is the tongue cleaner.

It must be held extremely gently on both ends. Just glide it a couple of times and watch those ugly coats that cause bad breath come off with unusual ease!


Why our tongue cleaner is made from 100% pure copper:

Copper (Latin Cuprum) tongue scrapers have been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. The ancients understood copper had healing properties. Medical research related to infection control is also shows the benefits of copper containing-rooms in hospitals for its ability to resist bacteria.




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