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Importance of Panchakarma



In order to understand the effects of Panchakarma, you must understand the terms Agni and Ama.

Agni means gastric fire, enzymes, metabolism, and the ability to convert information from our food, our emotions, and experiences into nourishment. Agni resides mostly in the digestive tract, but it is also present in the tissues. When the agni in the digestive tract is strong, everything is correctly broken down and absorbed into your mind body physiology, while unabsorbed excreta is eliminated out of the body.

When the agni is weak, it leads to poor digestion of food, resulting in an accumulation of undesired impurities referred to as ama (metabolic toxins).

The concept of ama is visualized as a kind of toxic “sludge” that comes from undigested food, environmental pollutants, and unassimilated emotions, as well as from normal bodily processes such as cell metabolism.


Ama accumulates in the body’s tissues and channels when improper dietary and lifestyle practices weaken our agni (digestive fire). An accumulation of excess ama disrupts the body’s natural cleansing processes, clogging our organ systems and internal channels, and giving rise to various imbalances and diseases.

Panchakarma is the holistic process of ama cleansing and the purification of mind and body. Once ama is reduced and the strength of agni is restored, you are better equipped to face the challenges of life.

The first step to good health is to eliminate the build-up of ama through, Panchakarma and then to learn tools that help maintain good health.

Characteristics of of Agni and Ama