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Mother’s Day Special – Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage

Do you want to gift something to your mom on this mother’s day? Gift her the Ayurvedic massage oil as a mother’s day present. There is no great expression of self-love from head to toe with warm oil. Mothers perform long time duty, so it is a relaxing therapy for her.

Abhyanga helps to restore balance and enhance longevity. It is self-love to pamper your body once a day. Similarly, the Abhyanga gives the feeling of stability and warmth. A daily dose of abhyanga provides relaxation to body muscles.

So abhyanga is beneficial for everyone, especially for mothers. Let’s explore its primary benefits in detail.

Benefits of Abhyanga

Abhyanga(self-massage) is a nourishing massage treatment with warm oil. So it has many benefits for the body muscles, skin, and hairs.

Nourishes the entire body

The body requires nourishment daily, similarly to many other things. Abhyanga provides all the necessary nourishing components to the body and keeps it active and relaxed. It helps to decrease the effect of ageing, especially in mothers.

A daily dose of abhyanga keeps the mothers young and slows down their ageing process.

Lubricates the joints

Abhyanga provides the essential lubrication to muscles and joints. Body joints require lubrication from external oiling, and it helps to protect them. You may notice that regular oiling helps you to stay active even if you are tired. Joints lubrication prevents the collapse even in aged persons.

Increase blood circulation

It is one of the vital benefits of Abhyanga. Ayurvedic believes that massage oil helps to maintain blood circulation. So it keeps the balance of blood circulation in the body, and the body stays active for a longer time. an imbalance in blood circulation can be dangerous, so it is recommendable to do the self-oiling or self-care once a day

Calm the nerves

Today we are living a stressful life. We need to calm our nerves and body, and it helps to provide longevity to the body. You may notice that the stressful nerves result in a tiring body. Ayurvedic self oil massage calms the nerves and keeps the body relaxed even in stressful conditions.

Provide better sleep

It is the expected benefit that massages provide to the body. Ayurvedic massage oil gives relaxation to the body, mind, and nerves. So the relaxing body will have a better and deep sleep.

Improves the skin

Everyone is conscious about the skin. Mothers didn’t get much time to spend on their skincare. But the ayurvedic massage oil is also essential for the skin. It softens and smoothens the skin and removes or reduces wrinkles and scars.

Why is Abhyanga different from other massages?

Abhyanga is self-massage with ayurvedic oils. The self-massage itself melts the tension and stress from the body. Ayurvedic science believes that it has additional benefits to do the abhyanga if you add it to the daily routine. It protects the nervous health, vision, hair, limbs, body tissues, skin, sleep, and many more.




Summing up the above discussion, it is clear that self-massage with the ayurvedic massage oil has plenty of benefits.

So if you want to gift something extraordinary to your mom on this mother’s day, then there is nothing better than Ayurvedic Massage Oil. We have many packages for mother-daughter as well to show your love towards your mother.

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