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Living Ayurveda in Spring

Spring is upon us! It is magical and dynamic season in our life. It is often called a season of fresh beginnings, renewal, newness, change and growth. Of course, the earth manifests in a potential way during this season. Germination of seeds, budding flowers, buzzing insects, unfurling leaves, and a lot more. We connect closely to the nature. Eventually, our body and mind receives a wonderful natural opportunity for a fresh beginning. It is the right phase for our bodies to cleanse in and out, rule out the imbalances, rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit and lit up the life. Ayurveda living in spiring associates with newness, adapting rejoicing lifestyle, loose weight, and transform. 

According to Ayurvedic principles, spring season associates with Kapha, characterized by moisture, softness, warmth and moderate cold. At the same time, the season also involves dealing with allergies, congestion, cold and fever. It is a clear indication that Kapha continues to accompany spring. It lies in between harsh cold icy winter and dry hot summer. So, it makes the ideal season or time to rejuvenate internally and externally. A seasonal routine, termed ‘Ritucharya’ in Ayurveda helps us get our maximising health and elimination of toxins. 

Panchakarma in Spring 

Spring is the best time for panchakarma that align your physical and emotional wellbeing with nature. Panchakarma in Ayurveda during the springtime is considered the crucial therapy for transition of health and wellbeing. 

Pacha karma aids in removal of toxins from the seven layers of the body tissues. 

  • Plasma
  • Blood
  • Muscles
  • Fat
  • Bone
  • Nerve tissues and 
  • Reproductive tissues 

It cleanses and detoxifies at the cellular level. Moreover, it also rejuvenates the emotional, mental and spiritual state of the body and mind. Panchakarma involves a combination of physical therapies, diet, herbal remedies and lifestyle changes. It is derived based on the diagnosis of every individual needs, physical conditions and health conditions. 

The therapy involves 

  • poorva karma – preparation for the elimination of toxins
  • Panchakarma – actual detox / cleanse therapies 
  • Rasayana – rejuvenation therapies 

Panchakarma in spring is ideal to get an internal cleanse that removes the deep and stubborn tissues from the body. 


Lifestyle in Spring 

When a new season begins, we need to adjust or modify the lifestyle accordingly to enhance health and not to fell sick. Following are the few Ayurvedic tips of lifestyle in spring. 

  • Give rest to your heavy and layered winter clothes. Change your clothing to light, colorful and airy. 
  • Get move and be active. After enjoying or being succumbed to cold days, its right time to move your body. Do simple yoga stretches, walk for few minutes a day, jog or run a little. 
  • Rise and shine along with the sunrise and go to bed before 10 pm everyday.  
  • Declutter your space and make more room. Cleaning has calming and distressing effect. 

Weight Loss in Spring 

 ‘Expression of timing is everything’ – you could have heard. Spring season is the ideal season for losing weight. Post the season where you can’t more around, even trying stay physically active results with weight loss. You naturally feels less hungry than winter season. It considerably reduces the food intake. You can burn more calories which aids in weight loss. 

  • The mood becomes better
  • A big YES to outdoor exercises / physical activities
  • The warm period helps lose more weight 
  • Sunshine vitamin helps you get adequate nutrition 

Diet in Spring 

Unlike winter, spring season naturally lowers the appetite. You can easily avoid the resistance to eat heavy foods or oily or fried foods often. 

Diet in spring is mostly based on Kapha pacifying diet. While ayurveda recommends and strongly insists on locally available produce, you can avoid specific foods. Reduce the intake of sour and salty foods.  

  • Include honey in your diet. Honey is a versatile food and the best for spring.
  • Eat more astringent fruits like pome, citruses, and grapefruit, and sweet ripen fruits like bananas, apples, and strawberries.
  • Eat greens and warm soups.
  • Swap out heavy grains and look for milder ones like millets. 
  • Seeds have banalcing effect on Kapha dosha, ideal to eat during spring. 
  • Avoid large amount of consuming legumes and beans since your digestive agni will be low.
  • Add a lot of spices – ginger, garlic, turmeric, cumin, mustard, pepper, cloves, etc

Fasting in Spring 

Since spring season does not make you crave for foods, you can go fasting with ease. Spring is the season of fasting and cleanse. Indeed, many people starts spring fasting 6 weeks before Easter, on Ash Wednesday. Fasting simply indicates not eating any foods for specific duration in a day, which may be 8 hours, 12 hours, 16 hours or 24 hours. 

Choose to fast on a specific day for specific hours. After completion of fasting, drink water, fresh fruit juice or warm soup. You may also consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner to find appropriate fasting schedule for you. 

Just like nature gets fresh and new life post frozen days, we support you rejuvenate your body and mind during spring. To know about Panchakarma detox during spring, or weight loss suggestions, contact now.  

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