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Kumkumadi Tailam – Medicated Saffron Oil For Beauty And Skincare

Are you looking for the best herbal beauty and skin product? As time grows, people know that natural ingredients are more beneficial for the skin than chemicals. So Ayurveda has many recipes for the beauty secret, and Kumkumadi Tailam is one of them.

Kumkumadi Tailam is medicated saffron based oil that is an incredible gift to humankind that eradicates skin-related issues and gives a natural glow. The Kumkumadi names come from one of the ingredients of Saffron known as the Kumkuma in Sanskrit.

However, let’s discuss the Kumkumadi Tailam in detail to know its benefits, ingredients, way to apply, and many more.

Ingredients Of Kumkumadi Tailam

Kumkumadi Tailam consists of 21 herbs, and every herb is helpful for the skin and beauty. This herbal ayurvedic formula is first made in decoction, then sesame seed added as base oil, so it absorbs better in the skin with the whole energy of herbs.

  • Saffron oil – Transform the skin tone
  • Sandalwood – Lightens the skin
  • Laksha – Antifungal properties
  • Manjistha – Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Sappan wood – Healing properties
  • Lotus extract – Treat skin inflammation
  • Licorice root extract – Skin lightening and reduce dark pigmentation
  • Padma – Effective in skin brightening
  • Nayrodhna – Remove discolouration
  • Usheera -Younger skin look
  • Kaliyaka – Prevent acne
  • Neelotpala – Moisturizer
  • Mahua – Skin toner
  • Dashamool – Treat skin dryness

Usage Methods Of Kumkumadi Tailam

Here are the primary three methods of using Kumkumadi Tailam to treat the dull, pigmented, aged, and damaged skin.


Cleanse your face with the usual night cleansing routine. After cleansing, use pure rose water to dampen the skin.

Facial oiling

Take 2 to 3 drops of Kumkumadi Tailam oil on your palm and apply all over the face. Use the fingertips and gently massage the skin until it is fully absorbed.


Allow the Kumkumadi Tailam to stay on your skin overnight. Wash it the following day with mild cleansing.

Precaution for oily skin

Oily skin people should remove it after one hour of application. It helps prevent the extra Oiliness of the face.

Uses In Daily Life

Kumkumadi Talim has many benefits and uses regarding the skin and beauty in daily life. Here are some daily life uses of it.

Improves skin complexion

Saffron is known for its skin lightening properties. The red threads of Saffron with other herbs provide a vital skin complexion-enhancing role. Kumkumadi Talim also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that promote blood circulation in skin cells. So the regular use of it will help in improving the skin complexion and reduce the tans.

Treat hyperpigmentation

Kumkumadi Talim is the powerhouse of antioxidants for the skin, so it influences the epidermal inflammatory response. The antioxidant activity of Kumkumadi Tailam helps to break the chemical chain that results in skin hyperpigmentation. It also helps to reduce the release of the pigment melanin in the skin that lightens the skin tone.

Prevent acne and pimples

Kumkumadi Taim is loaded with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. So it is beneficial in treating skin infections and inflammatory conditions like pimples, acne, and many more. It acts as a mild cleanser that helps to remove the dirt and dust from the pores. It also prevents infections in skin glands. So it effectively prevents the redness and pain in skin and pimples along with reducing it.

Use as a sunscreen

Saffron pollens or threads are effective as a natural sun protectant. It provides the SPF 30 to the Kumkumadi Tailam that helps to create a layer between sunrays and skin. Moreover, it doesn’t only have the saffron thread, but many other herbs also act as a sunscreen like almond oil, sesame oil, lotus extract, turmeric extract, sandalwood, and many others. So it helps to prevent the skin from free radical damages and reduce tanning.



So Kumkumadi Tailam- medicated oil for beauty and skin is effective for all skin conditions like acne, infections, and many more.

If you are also facing any skin issues but want to have glowy skin, it is the best solution. Give it a try and enjoy the shiny, beautiful skin without using any chemical formulas.


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