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A Kansa wand is simply an answer to balance your body, your pH levels, your chakras and your doshas. Kansa wands have a longer history, associated with Ayurvedic practices. 

Kansa Wands – An Introduction 

A Kansa wand is an elegant, compact and a multifunctional healing tool.  It is a significant part of Ayurvedic healing science.  The tool is named after the material it is made of. It has beautifully carved wooden handle and large curvy top surface is made of Kansa metal. The surface part protrudes cylindrically and enables solid grip. Kansa wands come in multiple sizes for various uses. 

Different Sizes of Kansa Wand

Kansa wand comes in 4 different sizes, which varies in length and cap diameter. 

  • Small size wand – ideal for face, neck and scalp 
  • Medium size wand – ideal for hands and feet 
  • Large size wand – ideal for feet and larger areas in the body like back
  • T-bar – exclusively designed to trigger and massage the energy points called ‘marma’

History of Kansa Wand 

The term ‘Kansa’ indicates ‘Bronze’ in the Sanskrit language. Bronze aka Kansa is a metal made by healing copper and aluminium at a very high temperature. It has been prevalent in the Indian Subcontinent. Kansa is generally considered as a holy metal. The metal is used in temples, pilgrim and other religious centers for bells. 

Mostly, Kansa wand is made of a metal blend of copper, tin and zinc. The metal is a natural water purifier. Drinking water from bronze or copper metal has been a very ancient practice. It purifies water, balances acidity, leads to better digestion and creates balance in the body.  Even now, utensils made of Kansa metal are used in many households across South Asia. The goodness of Kansa explored beyond using as a purifying metal. It led to the invention of the versatile Kansa wand. 

Various Uses oF Kansa Wand 

Kansa Wand Assures Natural Facelift and Youth Radiance 

It is easy to integrate Kansa wand into your skincare routine too! 

The alkaline properties of the Kansa wand metal balance the pH levels of your skin.  Typically, skin has more exposure to acid content or general imbalance in the body. It may cause skin sensitivity, wrinkles, dryness, saggy skin, premature aging or acne. Additionally, application of the Kansa wand as a massaging tool on skin drains the toxic accumulation in the lymph nodes. You may already know that facial massage including lymphatic drainage reduces the puffiness and drives fresh oxygenated blood. It assures you natural radiance and exquisite glow with no blemishes. Kansa wand is a one-stop solution that keeps the topical skin conditions at bay and also treats the imbalance.   Kansa wand is a natural facelift and a blessing in disguise to achieve youthful radiance. 

Kansa wands serve a handful purposes, listed below. 

  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Treats and prevents ageing signs 
  • Improves lymphatic flow and removes toxins
  • Enhances the functions of the lymphatic system 
  • Restores energy and balance
  • Reduces and relieves aches and pains 
  • Enhances your sleep 

Ayurvedic Massage and Kansa Wand

Kansa wand is more popular as a facial massaging tool. However, it has more and in depth relevance with Ayurveda, used more than mere skin resurfacing tools. The ancient wisdom Ayurveda claims the use of Kansa Wand over 5000 years by Ayurvedic practitioners.

Kansa, conducts metal tunes and aligns your chakras properly. It results in doshic balance and naturally increasing the ability of the body to heal. Kansa wand is more known for balancing Kapha dosha. People with aggravated Kapha dosha can make the most from Kansa wand massage. Kapha generally indicates the toxicity in the organs and inflammation. The metal used in the wand is a revered Ayurvedic medicine to detox and rejuvenate the lymphatic system. A better and improved lymphatic system promotes natural detox. 

How to Use Kansa Wand

It is easy to wand on various parts of the body, as necessary. You can massage the wand in circles on your facial skin, arms and legs. Make sure to apply oil before you use the Kansa wand on the skin. When it comes to massaging with Kansa wand on other parts like neck, back etc, it needs an experienced therapist. Seek the consultation from an Ayurvedic practitioner.

You can use the wand in clockwise circles, anticlockwise circles, zig zag pattern, or any other pattern that is comfortable. 

Buy Supreme Quality Kansa Wands

There can be huge variance in the quality of Kansa wands. We source the Kansa Wands from the authentic supplier from India, reputed in manufacturing the original, pure and supreme quality wands. Any Kansa wand that has other mix of materials other than copper and zinc, it probably contains lead. We have 100% pure Kansa wands with zero lead. If you wish to buy Kansa wands for personal use, fix appointments for ayurvedic therapy or to know more about Kansa wands, visit us.  



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