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Importance of Massage during Pregnancy

Massage, on a general note, has been proven to provide many benefits. Pain relief, a sense of wellness, better sleep and enhanced relaxation are a few prominent elements to point out. While the benefits of massage carry the same attributes to pregnancy, it is even more important. Pregnancy Massage, also termed as Prenatal Massage, is an exclusive massage therapy designed for pregnant women. It relieves pain, aches, stiffness and a few specific conditions or discomforts that may arise during the second and third trimester during the gestation period. Ayurveda, the holistic medicine also recommends ayurvedic massage for pregnant women which use special massage oil. More than the benefits, massage during pregnancy is very important. Here is the brief outlook on the importance of massage during pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Massage is different from a normal massage 

Before we look into the importance of massage during pregnancy, here is an overview of how pregnancy massage differs from standard massage. 

Ayurvedic practitioners suggest exclusive Ayurvedic massage for the pregnancy women but not during the first trimester. Ayurvedic practitioners use a special blend of oils that nourishes the mother and baby. 

A pregnant woman must be positioned in a proper way that gives her utmost comfort. Moreover, safety of the mother and fetus in the womb has first priority.  

Unlike normal massage, during a pregnancy massage, the pregnant woman must be lying on her side not on her stomach or back. Lying on the back puts more pressure to the stomach and lying on the stomach is ruled out. Side lying is quite important during the third trimesters. The pregnant woman may sit on a semi-reclining position, use pillows, padding or bolsters to support the back, feet and knees. 

Pregnancy or prenatal massage general involves gentle and light pressure. While massage strokes vary according to the health condition and requirement of the specific person. Ayurvedic massage also involves various types of strokes in different pressure levels using a superior blend of oils. However, when it comes to pregnancy massage there is no room for long and gliding strokes. Sometimes, the therapist or ayurvedic practitioner may use deeper pressure in the shoulder, neck, knees and feet, which doesn’t affect the belly area. Massage strokes and ayurvedic oil blends are tailored according to the health concerns and prenatal term of the pregnant woman. 

Top Reasons that highlights the importance of massage during pregnancy 

  • Better sleep – Generally, massage helps balance the hormones in the body, enhances the melatonin secretion and serotonin in the body. It applies to pregnant women. Massage has an overall relaxing effect on the body and promotes good sleep. 
  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels – As a part of prenatal care, pregnancy massage is important to reduce or keep the cortisol level until control. (Cortisol is the stress hormone) Lowered stress hormone increases the overall mood and instills a general sense of happiness, staying relaxed. The massage not only reduces the stress levels of pregnant women but also the fetus. 
  • Ease discomforts and swelling – Some pregnant women experience minor to moderate pain and swelling along with discomfort in their mobility. It is typically caused by low blood circulation and added pressure to the blood vessels. Pregnancy massage channels the circulation, reduces the swelling, ease pain and more. Massage also enhances the functions of the lymphatic system in the body which eliminates water retention, tissue waste and controls swelling. 
  • Helps reduce cramping and pain – Muscle pain and cramps are too common during pregnancy. With the help of a trained therapist or an ayurvedic specialist, you can easily steer clear from the cramps and pains. 
  • Reduces nerve pain – Similar to cramps, nerve pain or pinched nerve, are too common during the trimester. This happens due to extra pressure from the stomach resting on the lower back muscles and pelvis. The pressure extends tension to the lower leg muscles causing nerve pain and inflammation. Prenatal massage relieves you from the tension and pressure on the leg muscles and nerves. 

In addition to above, massage during pregnancy is more important that reduces the risk of premature birth of the baby. Many studies show that pregnant women who received periodic massage therapy were less likely to encounter premature delivery. 

A brief outlook on Ayurvedic Pregnancy Massage 

While prenatal massage has become important therapy for pregnant women, Ayurvedic pregnancy massage offers more nourishment and 

Since massage therapy called Abhyanga is already a major part of Ayurvedic treatments, Ayurvedic pregnancy massage offers you an embodiment of peace. Especially for pregnant women, who undergo phases of hormonal shifts, sleepless nights, cramps and emotional rollercoaster, Ayurvedic massage makes a difference in the pregnancy journey. It eases pain and discomforts, lift your mood, calms your inner peace and more. Ayurvedic massage takes the pressure off your feet, particularly the swollen feet, which is the most common concern of pregnant women. 

Ayurvedic pregnancy massage is superior over normal prenatal massage for two major reasons.

  • It combines gentle marma massage techniques that focuses on special pressure points 
  • Ayurvedic massage is performed using the special blend of oils extracted from ayurvedic herbs. These herbs are packed with healing elements which aids in relaxing, reducing the stress and anxiety, and also nourishing to the body and mind. 
  • The blend of oil used for massage is typically based on the prakriti i.e the body composition and health condition of the pregnant women. 

A word of note for pregnancy massage  

Massage during pregnancy is vital and comes with impeccable health benefits. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Pregnancy massage is not for everyone. There are women who undergo risky pregnancy phase which varies with every case. You should find qualified therapist specializes in prenatal massage. 

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