Ayurvedic Foot Massage Workshop

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Ayurvedic Foot Massage Workshop

28 November 2020

Ayurvedic foot massage i.e Padabhayanga is a practical way towards healthier, happier feet and healing the body and mind. Ayurveda believes that feet represent the whole organs and system as the feet is the lower nerve endings and reflexology points. 

This 3 hours Ayurvedic foot massage workshop with Dr Ram will teach you all you need to know to offer a relaxing and healing foot massage professionally or for family and friends. This is a very hands-on course and every one will get an opportunity not only to give, but to receive wonderful foot massage too.

No previous experience in healing or massage is necessary for this course. 


This workshop covers:

  • Introduction to principles of Ayurveda foot massage
  • Explanation of the 3 Doshas or body types and their characteristics
  • Full sequence of traditional Ayurvedic  foot massage
  • Important Marma points on the feet and how to handle 
  • Introduction to Kansa wand and learn the Kansa wand foot massage
  • Information on different massage technique and choosing Ayurvedic oil used during foot massage

Cost– $125

  • Start:
    Nov 28 @ 02:00 pm
  • End:
    Nov 28 @ 05:00 pm
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Sunshine Ayurveda

Maroochydore Neighbourhood Centre