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Ayurvedic Recommendation for COVID 19 – An Overview

The whole world suffers from the sudden outbreak of the pandemic disease, Corona aka COVID 19. While millions across the world strictly adhere to the precautions and preventive measures, literally, every individual is prone to the risk of COVID 19.  However, the ancient medical system Ayurveda, throws light on prevention, building immunity and reducing the risk of infection to COVID 19. Here is the brief outlook on Ayurvedic Recommendation for COVID 19.


Before we look into the Ayurvedic recommendation for COVID 19, you must know, Ayurveda shared insights on the pandemic and epidemic diseases and infections. Surprising isn’t it! The traditional medicine stands by its name, the ancient form of medication has remedy and solution for every disease / disorder or imbalance in the body.

The ancient text of Ayurveda, ‘Charaka Samhita’ included a chapter called ‘Janapada Dvamsa Vyadhi’ which means ‘World-wide epidemics’. The Charaka indicates that it is one of the good opportunities to stay at home. Isn’t it relatable to the recent global pandemic COVID 19?

Ayurveda for COVID 19:

On a simple note, Ayurveda does not offer any specific treatment protocols for COVID 19. You must be aware that there is no one-treatment for all.

  • It involves overall changes rather modifications in the food and lifestyle habits.
  • Prevention of illness – Keep your agni aka digestive fire strong Keeping the agni strong – Stronger digestive system is an indication of healthy body.
  • Inclusion of specific herbs

Ayurvedic Understanding of the Origin and Pathology of Corono Virus


  • Dosha – Kapha dosha aggravation which relates to disease in the respiratory system, followed by aggravated / imbalanced Vata (Air)
  • Dushya – Blood Plasma – Rasa Dhatu
  • Ama – Disease affecting the cellular metabolism
  • Respiratory passages and blood plasma (Pranavaha) obstruction
  • Upper region (Sthana)
  • Manifests in the upper body in the Kapha regions

Ayurvedic Recommended Treatment for COVID 19:

Ayurvedic treatment generally decided based on the individual diagnosis and symptoms. Treatment methods and combinations generally vary with every individual. The treatment / therapies include the following:

  • Panchakarma – Elimination and purification therapy which results with cleansed and detoxed body, boosted immunity, and balanced physique.
  • Rasayana – Rejuvenation treatment aids in boosting immunity, strenghtening the body etc
  • Symptomatic Therapies – Therapies and diet recommended / provided during the course of treatment and based on the symptoms

Dinacharya – Ayurvedic Recommendation for COVID 19

This term is called ‘Dinacharya’ in Ayurveda. Dinacharya means daily routine. It involves the following:

  • Wake up early in the morning. Brush the teeth, scrape the tongue, and rinse the mouth thoroughly.
  • Drink warm water, followed by herbal tea – Herbs boost energy (Ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, tulsi aka holy basil, mint etc.)
  • Do pranayama aka breathing exercise to cleanse and strengthen the respiratory system.

Cleansing the respiratory system boosts energy. It implies that you will have good flow of blood and adequate oxygen supply through out the body. It creates balance of ojas – Strength and strong immune system and Prana – Vital Life Force!

  • Doing minimum of 7 to maximum of 12 rounds of Surya Namaskaram
  • Eat light, easily digestible home cooked foods – Fill half of your stomach with food, 1/4th with water and keep the remaining 1/4th of stomach empty
  • Eat fresh foods and include a lot of spices / herbs

Ayurvedic Herbs for COVID 19:

There are three specific herbs recommended to prevent corona virus infection, briefed below:

Ashwagantha is one of the most effective herbs for fighting viral infections. It doesn’t allow the virus to mix with the ACE of the Human Body and prevents intruding into the healthy cells.

Tulsi, the holy herb is grown in homes for pure oxygen. It aids in purifying the breath, cleanses the respiratory system and boosts the respiratory health. It attacks the RNA-polymerases that attack the RNA of the infection thus preventing the intrusion of coronovirus.

Shvasari Juice, prevents the formation of the mucus and reduces the lungs inflammation, supporting the respiratory health.


Note: Please make a note that do not take these herbs without recommendation from an Ayurvedic doctor after an Ayurvedic consultation


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