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Ayurveda in Australia

Ayurveda, which has its roots originated in India, is globally recognized as one of the oldest natural healing systems. Ayurveda in Australia is a bonafide medical system and is widely recognized across the continent. 

Ayurveda in Australia – Ancient System of Healing 

The knowledge and wisdom of Ayurvedic practices has been orally passed through lineage of healers or sages in ancient India. The oldest revered texts of the Ayurvedic practices evolved equivalent to the contemporary medical practices. Ayurveda in Australia provides holistic treatments to various ailments. 

Ayurveda in Australia – Authenticity 

Ayurvedic practitioners in Australia carry the lineage of this ancient medical system without losing the authenticity. In fact, the method of treatments / approach that assures full recovery makes Ayurveda a standout healing method for several thousand years. The knowledge, although passed orally and through old manuscripts never altered its structure, principles, methods and focus. The science of living continues to be the same in the contemporary world amidst medical technology inventions and modern healthcare systems.According to the basic Ayurvedic principle, accumulation of toxins and imbalance of the doshas in the body leads to diseases. Doshas – Five elements in the body that leads to a combination of a human being 
  • Vata – Air 
  • Pita –Fire 
  • Kapha – Water 
When any of the elements in the body increases or decreases due to food, lifestyle or climate it creates an imbalance leading to disease. For instance, Vata dosha represents imbalance of air element indicated by dryness. To name a few, itchy skin, dry and scaly skin, etc. Too much water in the body causes phlegm, obesity, poor immunity etc. 

Focus of Ayurveda in Australia 

The focus of the Ayurvedic treatments in Australia counts on elimination of disease or health conditions from the root cause.The principles of Ayurveda follow certain regulations that help accurate diagnosis of a patient, followed by deriving treatment plan. Initial sessions or sessions involve consultation to understand the nature and root cause of the disease / ailment, symptoms, lifestyle and food habits. Since Ayurveda is a holistic medical system, the treatment involves a combination of approaches. Based on the diagnosis aka prakriti, the Ayurvedic practitioner in Australia recommends dietary modifications, lifestyle changes, ayurvedic therapies and ayurvedic medicines, if necessary. The major focus of holistic approach includes, 
  • Restoration of the normal functions of the body 
  • Creating a balance and harmony physically, mentally and emotionally 
  • Eliminating the symptoms of the specific conditions diagnosed 
  • Boosting immunity through therapies and diet 
  • Improving overall health through therapies, diet and lifestyle recommendations 
In addition to these, Ayurveda in Australia also addresses the chronic ailments and health conditions. 

Ayurveda in Australia – No One-treatment for All 

Yet another unique aspect, rather one of the primary principles of Ayurveda is there is ‘no one-treatment for all’ concept. Every individual is unique, made of unique composition, lives differently, etc. Eventually, the treatment methods and recommendations vary for every individual. Even if an individual suffers from the same disease / health condition, the treatment protocols, dietary recommendations etc may vary. Apart from addressing the ailments, regardless it is chronic or acute; Ayurveda in Australia also teaches you to lead a life with balance and harmony. Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations help you learn how to create a balanced physique, mental stature and provide yourself safe, effective and healthy life.  In addition to treatment and lifestyle recommendations, professional practitioners of Ayurveda in Australia also assists in disease prevention and rejuvenation. Ayurveda is the ideal method of treatment for chronic ailments, and is complement to lifestyle conditions like blood pressure, arthritis, obesity, infertility and mental disorders. 
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