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All services are available under one roof, including consultations, massages, complete detox programs, Ayurvedic courses and workshops, as well as Jyotish and Vastu Counseling.


  • A consultation room
  • Rooms for Panchakarma, Ayurvedic massagesShirodhara, and other treatments
  • A herbal pharmacy with stocks of Ayuvedic therapeutic herbs, kitchen herbs and spices, organic products, herbal supplements, beauty products, medicinal oils, and personal hygiene products;
  • Bathroom facilities.

About Us

A Little more about Sunshine Ayurveda

Sunshine Ayurveda wellness centre is run and owned by a team of experienced Ayurveda doctors and therapists who offer authentic Ayurveda services in the Sunshine Coast region.
They are committed to the application of ancient healing practices based on Ayurvedic principles to remedy modern diseases. Sunshine Ayurveda provides a comprehensive range of authentic Ayurveda treatments targeted to individual health care.

The treatments offered at at Sunshine Ayurveda are based on the Keralian Panchakarma procedures which can be used to manage and treat the symptoms of a wide variety of common diseases. These include, amongst others:

  • Autoimmune conditions– Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease
  • Cardiac disorders: hypertension, hypotension, palpitation, coronary/blood circulation disorders
  • Excretory system diseases: renal calculus, kidney stone, prostatitis, UTI
  • Gastrointestinal diseases: digestive disorder, acidity, constipation, colitis, haemorrhoids, hepatitis, Crohn’s disease, IBS
  • Joint problems: arthritis, spondylitis, gout, back pain, sciatica
  • Respiratory diseases: sinusitis, cough, hay fever, flu, allergic rhinitis
  • Children’s Health: lowered immunity, flu with cough, malnutrition, digestive health
  • Mental Health: addiction, depression, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks
  • Skin health: psoriasis, eczema, hair loss, acne, dermatitis
  • Women’s health: irregular periods, cysts and fibroids, sterility, endometriosis, menopause, PCOS, Dysmenorrhea


Many other health problems and disorders, not listed above, can also be treated and healed with a wide range of Ayurvedic medicines.

Why Sunshine Ayurveda?

A Natural Healing Centre

In the heart of the Sunshine Coast

Located in the heart of Sunshine Coast region and easily accessible;

Authentic Ayurvedic Herbs, Oil and Spices

Uses only authentic Ayurveda herbs, medicines and medicinal oils obtained from trusted suppliers in Kerala India;

Face-to-face | Online consultations Options

One on one consultation available at the clinic as well as phone and online consultation via Skype

Quality services at affordable rate

Quality Ayurveda services at affordable prices, including discounts for pensioners, students, and seniors;

Translation Available

Translations are available for Spanish, French, Hindi and Nepalese speakers.

Treatment by professionals

Treatment available in homely and spiritual atmosphere;

About Dr. Ram Mani Bhandari

  • Experienced holistic doctor, healer, teacher, and writer
  • Specialized in Ayurvedic detox (Panchakarma)
  • Trained in India and Nepal, the original lands of Ayurveda
  • Graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) from the Institute of Medicine at Tribhuwan University in Kathmandu.
  • Professional member of Australasian Association of Ayurveda (AAA)
  • Owner of Sunshine Ayurveda

Qualifications and experience

Dr. Ram Bhandari holds distinguished qualifications in Ayurvedic medicine from the most reputable universities and hospitals in India and Nepal. He won a competitive scholarship to study Ayurvedic medicine and completed six years of medical training in Kathmandu, Nepal.

He further augmented his medical degree with advanced training in Panchakarma at the Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Foundation, a Centre of Excellence in Kerala, Southern India.

After graduating, Dr. Bhandari was made a founding member and Panchakarma specialist in the largest Ayurvedic and Panchakarma private hospital in Nepal, the Ojus Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre in Kathmandu.

Dr. Bhandari’s qualifications include specialization in detoxification and rejuvenation therapy (Panchakarma), therapeutic yoga and breathing therapy (Pranayama), Vastu (Vedic architecture), and Jyotish (Vedic astrology). He has expertise in healing techniques including reflexology, relaxation massage, Marma therapy, and Reiki healing.

Dr Bhandari practised at an Ayurvedic Panchakarma resort on Madeira Island, Portugal, where he provided Ayurvedic consultations and treatments to guests from all over Europe. He also lectured in an Ayurvedic certification course at Associação Luso-Brasileira de Ayurvédica, Lisbon, and delivered workshops and consultations in Germany and the Netherlands.

Dr Bhandari has designed and delivered Ayurvedic training workshops in Europe, South America and Central America. The courses that he taught in Colombia include Ayurvedic Practitioner Certification, Panchakarma, Shirodhara, Ayurvedic beauty therapy, Ayurvedic cookery, and Vastu Shastra. Ram has also taught Ayurveda to Yoga teachers in Nicaragua.

Before moving to the Sunshine Coast with his beautiful family, Ram was based on the Gold coast where, for five years, he managed a successful Ayurveda clinic. He was among the sought holistic practitioners and Ayurveda doctors in the Gold Coast region. He offered consultations, detox programs, Ayurveda courses, and regular workshops at the Gold Coast Yoga Centre, one of the well-established yoga schools on the Gold Coast.

Ram has a strong desire to educate and inform clients about the benefits of a holistic approach to healing, and to promote Ayurveda practices globally. With this aim in view, he started an Ayurveda blog in 2011 (www.ayurmantra.com). There you will find hundreds of articles about Ayurveda, yoga, herbs, natural remedies and more. His articles have also been published on other online sites and in print magazines.

In response to the increasing demand for holistic healing and Ayurveda treatments, Dr Bhandari has designed a complete ayurvedic wellness centre in the heart of Maroochydore

Sophie Lugagne

Sophie Lugagne

  • Highly experienced massage and beauty therapist
  • Diploma in Massage (France)
  • 10+ years of working experience as a massage therapist

Qualifications and experience

Sophie has been working as a Massage Therapist for 10 years in France, New Zealand and Australia. Born and growing up in France, her early life taught her the value of natural and holistic living. Before coming to Australia, Sophie was working as a massage and beauty therapist in Auckland-New Zealand. 

Training and working in France and Australia, Sophie has acquired extensive experience in several massage modalities such as remedial massage, deep tissue, relaxing massage and Thai massage.  She underwent extensive Ayurvedic therapies training at Sunshine Ayurveda, including Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Kati-Basti, Nasya, udwartana and many more. In addition, she is also a Reiki Healer.

She is a fast learner, easy-going, organised and can easily create good connections and trusty relationships with our customers. Sophie’s clients say she is very smiley and a good listener. The incredible benefits of pain relief and relaxation are the reasons her client feels comfortable and confident with her.


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