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7 Ayurvedic Tips to Drink Water

Are you drinking eight glasses of water a day? If not, this is the perfect time to begin. Although drinking insufficient water can cause several adverse effects, it is equally crucial to be aware of how the water we drink. The fundamentals of Ayurveda suggest that how you drink your water is essential. Water is also impacting your general health. Interesting, isn’t it? Ancient Ayurveda There are many theories about drinking water formulated over the centuries. Based on the work, The Ultimate Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies by Vasant Lad, water symbolizes consciousness. Water is complex, heavy, brutal, dense, cold, and solid-fluid. It binds molecules. Water is a chemical energy source, which implies that it is an all-purpose chemical solvent. The body has water as plasma, cytoplasm saliva, serum nasal secretion, cerebrospinal fluid, and sweat. This is why it is necessary to absorb nutrition and maintain the quality of life. Without it, cells can’t be able to survive. In light of water’s importance for human existence, Here are some helpful but vital Ayurvedic drinking tips.

The Ayurvedic Ways to Drink Water

1. Sit down to drink water Instead of standing

It is recommended to sit down and drink water rather than stand. Standing and consuming you can disrupt your fluid balance within the body. This could cause a more significant accumulation of fluids in your joints, which can cause arthritis. When you sit down comfortably and drink, your muscles and nervous system are much more relaxed and assist the nerves in absorbing the food and other fluids quickly. The kidneys also help in the process of filtration while sitting.

By drinking and standing in water, you alter your balance of fluids inside the body.


2. Do not drink all the water at once

Avoid drinking large quantities of water in one breath. Instead, take a smaller inhale and take a swallow, breathe and continue through the entire day. This is true for your meals, too. As per Ayurvedic expert Dr Ram Mani Bhandari, “there are three doshas present in your body: pitta, vata and Kapha, and the way you drink water must align to those doshas. Those suffering from vata Prakriti must drink water just 1 hour after having a meal. This will allow their food to absorb better. Those with pitta-Prakriti can drink small amounts throughout meals to get the digest process before they get full. People who have Kapha Prakriti should take a drink before eating meals to feel fuller and not overeat. This will allow them to shed weight quickly.”


3. Drink room temperature water. It is also recommended to drink warm water.

Avoid drinking ice-cold water as it interferes with digestion and shuts on fire. Coldwater can reduce blood flow to the body’s various organs, creating constipation. Rapid drinking water can aid in maintaining healthy digestion as well as metabolism, which aids in weight loss and relieves bloating and discomfort. According to Dr Ram, warm water aids in regulating cholesterol levels and helps keep the arteries free of plaque.


4. Drink only when you’re Thirsty

Your body cells communicate to you when you are desperately in need of water. Ayurveda insists on taking a drink only when you are hungry. Each person is unique in their body, so drinking an identical amount of water can’t be recommended to everyone. The body cannot absorb enough water, and it is, therefore, essential to be aware of the signals your body sends you. Examine your drinking system without feeling overly full.


5. Learn the Signs Your Body gives you when you are Thirsty

Your body signals to signal that it needs drinking water. The first is the colour of your urine. It’s dark yellow, which could be a sign of dehydration. On the other hand, clear and straw-coloured urine can indicate an energized and well-hydrated body. Dry lips that are chapped are among the signs of dehydration in the body. Please pay attention to these indicators as they can lead to health problems.


6. Drink Water First thing in the morning

Ayurveda suggests it is good to drink water early in the morning. It assists in eliminating numerous ailments in the body and drinking water early in the morning assists in flushing out all the contaminants in the body. It also helps cleanse the intestines.


7. Drinking Water is stored in silver and Copper vessels

Ayurveda has always recommended drinking water stored inside the copper and silver vessels. The water contained in these vessels can balance the 3 doshas in the body. It does this by positive charging the water. Doctor Ram agrees and points out that copper is rich in antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties that can boost the body’s immune system. It also has anti-cancer properties. The silver vessel can eliminate free radicals from the body. It also provides cooling effects on the intestines and eases your digestion process.